NYFW 02.16.12

Getting ready to head out to the Covergirl and Polyvore party.




NYFW 02.15.12

Suzanne Rae


Farah Angsana


Today was one crazy day! It was show after show after show as soon as I ran out of Lincoln Center station.

As soon as I got in line for the Suzanne Rae show, my camera started to malfunction and couldn’t focus or take pictures! D: Luckily, my iPhone has great quality photos so I still got to document a few looks before I had to run off. Although I was only able to spend fifteen minutes or so at the show (to run to the next), the way the show was laid out as a mini-runway + presentation . This collection was definitely different than the others that I saw where grays played a really heavy presence along with more neutrals such as muted pinks and butter creams. A lot of the clothes were flowy and sheer, just as we’ve all seen with other designers.

The next show was definitely a show I could not have missed, Milly! For those of you who don’t know, a lot of Blair’s clothes from the earlier seasons of Gossip Girl were by Milly. The colors, the prints, and the dresses and skirts! La-la-looooove! I know that this is a pretty narrow mindset but when I watch a show, I look for practicality to see if I would ever where anything from a simple skirt to a full out red carpet dress (because that’s realistic, right? haha). Milly’s show had so many pieces that I could see walk down the street and turn people’s heads.

After Milly, I went to the Farah Angsana show and my god, were her dresses BEAUUUUTIFUL. If I don’t see anyone on the red carpet with one of these dresses, I might flip out. She started the show with an Asian model (I had to get excited about that 😀 ) incredible black dress with shiny bead work and a huge graceful train. I definitely heard people “oo” and “ah” as soon as this dress came out and it put the bar high for the rest of the show. Farah did NOT let the audiences down. Beadwork continued to play a huge role in this show along with the credible bright color palette. If you followed my tweets during the show, I had a huge conflict deciding which I loved more, the bright red or the bright blue.

Last show of the day was Nomia and although I didn’t understand the checking in system (because I had to wait an hour to check in and some more time just to get into the show… BUT I saw BILL CUNNINGHAM while I was waiting) it was a pretty cool show where the clothing were very structured and the colors weren’t as loud or prominent compared to the other designers. There were pops of olive green, a dark burgundy red, and little bits of cobalt blue. What intrigued me was the hair style of the models of a hair knot pony tail and where the ends were cut straight to compliment to structured clothing. So cool!

By the end of the day, I was so excited to change into flats and sit on the train back home but so sad that it was all ending until next season. It was fun to see people with such the passion for fashion and yet interpreted in different ways through their different styles. Some people I thought were soooooo chic and others, I had NO idea what they were thinking when they walked out in public. It was cool to overhear people’s conversations saying “Oh you know. The perks of working in the industry for X amount of years.” because they always stuck to it not matter how hard times got.

This past week has reassured to me that this is what I want to do with my life and that I will continue with it, no matter what it takes.


NYFW 02.14.12

Yours truly made a last minute trip downtown to Cedar Lake to watch the Sachin + Babi show. After waiting half an hour in the cold, I finally got ushered inside the building to find out that I had seats (yayy).

I was sandwiched in between two women from Houston, TX who clearly knew their way around in the fashion industry because these girls knew everyone. Like Tessa said, Fashion Week mostly a lot of waiting so I waited and waited until I got pushed up from the last row to the second! What a sweet deal. Soon enough the lights went down and music started playing.

Unfortunately, my camera skills weren’t up to par to handle the fast walking and the dim lighting so I don’t have any pictures to report to you but will try to find some soon and will upload the finale.

Based off of this show and the Joy Cioci show, color definitely has a huge presence coming up for the fall along with fur, leather, and sheer fabrics. Big pops of color were dark green, purples, and dark reds in addition to the predictable black and white. These pieces definitely had a lot of structure to them as they were very fit on the models.

This wasn’t my favorite show but maybe that’s because I went alone or the dresses weren’t super girly. I don’t know. *shrug*

Can’t wait until tomorrow though!


NYFW 02.12.12

My photos suck so please bear with me until I figure it out.

It was last minute but I was INCREDIBLY lucky to attend New York Fashion Week with Tessa to attend the Joy Cioci Fall/Winter 2012 Show. The clothing were so pretty, elegant, and just plain amazing. I love the colors of the collection, the sheer fabrics, and the fur (not pictured) in this collection. Also, if you look closely at the girl’s nails in the third photo, they’re so cool with the nude background and a gray/silvery tip (based off of the photo). I sound like a noob so let me stop now.

There were 2 models who stuck out to me the most: the girl in the red ruffle-y dress and the Asian girl. The model in the red dress is BEAUUUTIFUL and her eyes are so fierce (it also helps that the dress is gorgeous). The Asian girl is Asian! I love how Asian models have been popping up more often. I mean I know I’m too short for the modeling industry but hey, a girl can dream. If anyone finds out the names of these girls, please comment below!

After walking out of the show, I ran into one of the most fabulous people I know: Prajje Jean-Baptise aka my old boss.  He donned a very polished and preppy look with a button up shirt, blazer, red(?) trousers, a fur adornment draped over his left shoulder and of course with the New Yorker must-have: sunglasses (pic coming soon). He was incredibly shocked that I was able to get into such a high-class show but what can I say, networking is everything!

I left with Tessa and her friend, Chris, to the Elle Lounge Party in the Empire Hotel (GG fans anyone?) and then we headed down to the 9th floor to Lia Sophia‘s showcase. I was fortunate enough  to leave with a gorgeous necklace (pic coming soon). What a way to end the day.

Although my body was aching from walking around in heels and carrying a ton of stuff all day, the experience was absolutely worth it and I hope to go back again soon!

It just hit me that I’ve been slacking so hard in going towards the fashion industry because opportunities like this are what I’ve dreamed of.

This is my wake up call.

This could be my life.

This WILL be my life.