NYFW 02.14.12

Yours truly made a last minute trip downtown to Cedar Lake to watch the Sachin + Babi show. After waiting half an hour in the cold, I finally got ushered inside the building to find out that I had seats (yayy).

I was sandwiched in between two women from Houston, TX who clearly knew their way around in the fashion industry because these girls knew everyone. Like Tessa said, Fashion Week mostly a lot of waiting so I waited and waited until I got pushed up from the last row to the second! What a sweet deal. Soon enough the lights went down and music started playing.

Unfortunately, my camera skills weren’t up to par to handle the fast walking and the dim lighting so I don’t have any pictures to report to you but will try to find some soon and will upload the finale.

Based off of this show and the Joy Cioci show, color definitely has a huge presence coming up for the fall along with fur, leather, and sheer fabrics. Big pops of color were dark green, purples, and dark reds in addition to the predictable black and white. These pieces definitely had a lot of structure to them as they were very fit on the models.

This wasn’t my favorite show but maybe that’s because I went alone or the dresses weren’t super girly. I don’t know. *shrug*

Can’t wait until tomorrow though!