NYFW 02.12.12

My photos suck so please bear with me until I figure it out.

It was last minute but I was INCREDIBLY lucky to attend New York Fashion Week with Tessa to attend the Joy Cioci Fall/Winter 2012 Show. The clothing were so pretty, elegant, and just plain amazing. I love the colors of the collection, the sheer fabrics, and the fur (not pictured) in this collection. Also, if you look closely at the girl’s nails in the third photo, they’re so cool with the nude background and a gray/silvery tip (based off of the photo). I sound like a noob so let me stop now.

There were 2 models who stuck out to me the most: the girl in the red ruffle-y dress and the Asian girl. The model in the red dress is BEAUUUTIFUL and her eyes are so fierce (it also helps that the dress is gorgeous). The Asian girl is Asian! I love how Asian models have been popping up more often. I mean I know I’m too short for the modeling industry but hey, a girl can dream. If anyone finds out the names of these girls, please comment below!

After walking out of the show, I ran into one of the most fabulous people I know: Prajje Jean-Baptise aka my old boss.  He donned a very polished and preppy look with a button up shirt, blazer, red(?) trousers, a fur adornment draped over his left shoulder and of course with the New Yorker must-have: sunglasses (pic coming soon). He was incredibly shocked that I was able to get into such a high-class show but what can I say, networking is everything!

I left with Tessa and her friend, Chris, to the Elle Lounge Party in the Empire Hotel (GG fans anyone?) and then we headed down to the 9th floor to Lia Sophia‘s showcase. I was fortunate enough  to leave with a gorgeous necklace (pic coming soon). What a way to end the day.

Although my body was aching from walking around in heels and carrying a ton of stuff all day, the experience was absolutely worth it and I hope to go back again soon!

It just hit me that I’ve been slacking so hard in going towards the fashion industry because opportunities like this are what I’ve dreamed of.

This is my wake up call.

This could be my life.

This WILL be my life.