Whitney Eve Spring/Summer 2013

Here’s to my only show at Lincoln Center for Spring/Summer! Sorry for the delay of this one. I’ve been crazy busy with school and my internship at Charlotte Ronson.

Like I said in my post, I love Whitney Port as a person and I’m proud of her for landing such an incredible spot at New York Fashion Week. Read the rest of my post here: http://fashionistanygirl.blogspot.com/2012/10/nyfw-whitney-eve-spring-2013-by.html

Thank you to Heather from Fashionista NY Girl or the opportunity!



Von Vonni Spring/Summer 2013

I was lucky enough to cover Von Vonni’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection for Kristine Ayala of Beauty in New York City. However, the lighting was so dark, making it really tough to photograph. Forgive me.

Check out my photos featured in her post: http://www.beautyinnyc.com/2012/09/von-vonni-spring-2013-new-york-fashion.html


Long Tran SS 2013

After a long day of lounging around and procrastinating my homework, I headed down to the Baryshnikov Arts Center on 37th and 10th for the Long Tran Spring/Summer 2013 show. I was especially excited for this show because Long Tran is a Vietnamese fashion designer who’s trying to make it big in the Big Apple (who isn’t?).

There was a pianist playing classical music while people slowly filed in the room to their seats so I wasn’t expecting such avant garde designs. The show opened up with his men’s line of bright yellow pieces to more neutral ones. Though they were neutral, they were far from boring with the incredible construction of the fabrics to build the 3-D patterns on his menswear. Following the men’s collection were his women’s collection to continue the bold shapes. We’ve seen a lot of lace for the spring/summer season but it’s different to see it over bare skin or in the bright yellow color. The final look for the women and men collections were super heavy on structure which leaves me wondering how much time it takes to build the looks and to carefully keep in tact.

In both collections, Long’s clothes showed lots of skin (more so in the women’s clothing) which revealed many models’ tattoos. Usually in this industry, tattooed models have a harder time booking shows but Long embraced the tattoos if anything.

After his models made their final walk through, Long ran out to wave to the crowd and ran back into hiding. Why are designers so darn humble? (rhetorical question)

Watching his family get excited over his show was incredibly inspirational because of how supportive they are of his career since my family isn’t as enthusiastic about me going into fashion. Enough about me though. It was a sweet sentiment and it’s good to see real people in the front row rather than the usual uptight intimidating fashion editors.


Yuna Yang SS 2013

Yuna Yang chose a very different location for this show located in Times Square, the NASDAQ Marketsite! Tourists walk by but not everyone gets a chance to get in let alone watch a fabulous show. I arrived to the show on time according to the invite but of course fashion runs later than expected.

The show opened up with a video called “The Thief” where a girl wakes up confused in an unfamiliar apartment and stumbles across a mysterious closet filled with Yuna Yang’s latest collection. Memorized by the soft fabrics and delicate laces, the model tosses the clothes in a briefcase and runs into the wild New York City in different outfits.

Yuna Yang’s inspiration for this collection were Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings and music’s influence on his artwork. Yuna Yang was touched by the classical but modern aspects of Civil Twilight’s music. Naturally, the band sat front row, only three feet away from me (as shown in the photos since their heads were in the way).

One word to sum up this collection: LACE. Lace was EVERYWHERE in this collection whether it was blue, red, white, you name it! My favorite look of the show was the white lace short cape dress. The structure of the look is so clean, the white color is just so pure, and the dainty details on the shoulders really adds onto the innocence.

Can’t wait to see how other designers use lace in their pieces as NYFW progresses!